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Just Before The Final Moment........

Thursday, October 29, 2009 , at 12:41 AM

We believe that you have spent at least 10-15 years in your lives since birth. So guys, how is life……? That’s not to answer but for you to think about. But again age is not a real concern in understanding the topic we are going to discuss today. Alright, The Final Moment…….. Do you think it’s too early to talk a about a topic as such? We know it’s not one of the most interesting topics to talk about but……. on what basis do we postpone it? What kind of a guarantee you and we have to say that we are going to get another chance to talk on this? Right now you might be at your office sitting in front of your desktop reading this…... or relaxing on a couch looking at your laptop…… or on move staring at your palmtop or the mobile phone. Are you very sure that you’ll be able to finish reading this little article? People who are sitting on a chair or relaxing on a couch….. What’s the guarantee you have to say that you’ll be able to get up from your current posture? You may have a guarantee from the manufacturer of your chair or couch to repair or replace if broken…. but what about you as a person who is holding an extremely fragile life? Have your parents given you any such guarantee…..? Your siblings, relatives, colleagues, friends, spouse, children or at least your GP? No…. Nobody could prevent you from that fateful occurrence. Death is something that you should expect at anytime…… it could be the next moment. The purpose of this little effort is not at all to fill you up with any unwanted fear of death but to give you some sort of an idea or insight about the risk we all have in our lives that we are not really concerned of.

There was a person appeared on this earth about 2600 years ago in a land called ‘Dambadiwa’, known as ‘Shakyamuni Gautama’….. The greatest human being appeared ever on this earth ‘The Buddha’. He taught us…… What this life is….. How it begins….. How it continues….. How it ends…… and most importantly ‘Why’ all these happen…..? and finally how to get rid of this ‘curse’.

As we discussed earlier, none of us could predict on our final moment. Just because of that, we have to expect it at anytime. In the meantime one might raise his voice and say “I’m ready for that. I’m not afraid or worried of death at all”. Excellent…. but only if your mind is ready to accept those words when the time comes. That is the challenge you are going to face and that is for you to think about further. As long as we are young, energetic, healthy and capable in our lives we do not really feel the warmth of death. We are not even bothered to think of it because our minds are fully covered and get blinded with the reasons we just mentioned. It is a fact which was hidden from our wavy minds but was uncovered on his own and discoursed by the Lord Buddha. Further on he teaches us that real problem is not the death but what happens to this soul subsequently. Did you ever get a chance to think of that? There are millions of different ideas on the board about life, death and also of rebirth. A person who has never come across of Dhamma (the truth) will definitely get lost in that pool of ideas. That is because he or she doesn’t know what the truth is. For some reason, it might have been hidden from you so far.

This is an era that everybody tries to see everything in a laboratory before they believe, accept or confirm it. But before 2600 years, such artificial minds or environment did not exist. They saw the utmost truth through their developed minds. Not through test tubes or microscopes. They got connected with other worlds through their super powers, gained with developed minds. The current set up we find around us along with extreme negativity and covertness of our minds prevent us from grasping this utmost truth..…… The Buddha shows us that this life is just another segment of this unending Sansara (the wheel of suffering) where we can neither find a beginning nor end. Today luckily we are here as human beings but tomorrow……? You could be a pig eating shit or a crow eating garbage and you are not limited to. This is the risk we have been discussing right from the beginning and the darkest side that most of us are not aware of. The above is just a single example. The Buddha teaches us that there are few more worlds where a birth could take place such as Devà -deities, Manussa -humans, Bhuto -goblins, Peto -ghosts, Tiraccàna -animals and the Niraya -infernal world or the hell. This birth could happen from an egg, from a mothers’ womb, in wet environment or even spontaneously. Most importantly all these things happen for a reason. Without a reason nothing could happen….. Nothing at all.

So today we are here with a human life for a reason. The reason is the consequences of Karma (good & bad deeds in previous lives). Nobody else could decide your next destination other than what you did and what you do. That is the sole decider. If you have done ‘Good’…… you could be a bit relaxed. If you have done ‘Bad’…..??? Sorry. No comments.

Remember at the beginning the matter we had to discuss was the ‘Death’. But if you read this carefully and directed your mind in the right way, you should be thinking of one step ahead. What is the real problem…… death or the rebirth….?

That is for you to think about….. Until we meet up again.

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