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Supreme Buddha ~ The greatest teacher ever lived....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 , at 1:38 PM

The Buddha, The Supreme One, The Perfect One, The Radiant Sun. The light that brightened the darkened world! The guiding star that showed the path to be free from all suffering! The one who preached the TRUTH with great compassion to all living beings.
Who is Supreme Buddha?
Is He a god? Is He “The God”? Or is He a human being like you and me?

One day a Brahman approached the Supreme Buddha and asked: Venerable Sir, are you a god, are you a Brahma, or are you a human?

Then, the Blessed One answered: “Oh Brahma, I am like a lotus that emerged from the mud.” The Supreme Buddha has gone beyond all three worlds: Gods, Humans and Brahmas.

Why Supreme Buddha is known as the greatest teacher ever lived. Why we should consider the Supreme Buddha as our teacher?
In the words of one of his noble disciples, a great Arahant:

• Arahant Senaka (A monk who eradicated all defilements and escaped from the cycle of birth & death) said:

“He (Supreme Buddha) is filled with Supreme wisdom. He’s a true teacher for his noble disciples. He’s superior to all three worlds. He is the true leader to all three worlds. He’s the shower of the truth to both Devas and humans. It is so rare to even see such a sight”

“He’s like a powerful elephant. He encompasses such great effort. He encompasses such dignity. He is devoid of all defilements. Not a single impurity lies within him. I was able to see my great teacher, who is devoid of all fear”

In the words of some modern time intellectuals:

Supreme Buddha’s teachings surpass modern Science.

• Albert Einstein
“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description”.

• Egerton C. Baptist
“Science can give no assurance herein Buddhism can meet the atomic challenge, because the supra mundane knowledge of Buddhism begins where science leaves off. And this is clear enough to anyone who has made a study of Buddhism. For, through Buddhist meditation, the atomic constituents make up matter have been seen and felt, and the sorrow, or un-satisfactoriness (or Dukkha), of their ‘arising and passing away’ (dependent on causes) has made itself with what we call a ‘soul’ or ‘Atma’ – the illusion of Sakkayaditthi, as it is called in the Buddha’s teaching”.

Why a God Almighty?

• Prof. Eliot
“For the first time in the history of world, Buddha proclaimed the salvation, which each man could gain for himself and by himself in this world during this life, without the least help from a personal god or gods. He strongly inculcated the doctoring of self reliance, of purity, of courtesy, of enlighten, of peace and of universal love. He strongly urged the necessity of knowledge, for without wisdom psychic inside could not be gut in his life”.

• Prof. Rhys Davis said:
"For the first time in human history the Buddha admonished, entreated and appealed to people not to hurt a living being, not to offer prayer or praise or sacrifice to gods. With all the eloquence at his command the exalted one vehemently proclaimed that gods are also in dire need of salvation themselves".

• Dr. Paul Dahlke
The Buddhist precepts are not commandments in the Christian sense. There is no divine law-giver who raises a threatening finger from behind the clouds. Those precepts are self-given rules of conduct, which the individual voluntarily accepts and endeavours to keep; not to please a God, but for bringing himself morally into conformity with the results of his thinking.

Why Supreme Buddha is admired by the wise? What are the great qualities of Supreme Buddha?

Supreme Buddha is An Arahant: Fully accomplished one.
The Supreme Buddha eradicated all defiled conditions of the mind, which include: passion, lust, hatred, ill will, and delusion.
The Supreme Buddha eradicated the desires of; seeing forms, hearing sounds, smelling sounds, tasting flavours, touching tangibles, and cognizing thoughts.
The Supreme Buddha guarded sense faculties, controlled sense faculties, tamed sense faculties, and restrained sense faculties.
Our great teacher completely destroyed all taints and was fully purified in body, speech and mind.

Samma Sammbuddha: Fully Enlightened One
The Supreme Buddha perfectly understood the Four Noble Truths (the realities of life) by oneself, without a teacher and without anyone’s help.
The Supreme Buddha, alone, eradicated the origin of suffering, attained the cessation of suffering, developed the path leading to the cessation of suffering, realized the four noble truths without anyone’s help.

Vijjacaranasammpanna: Perfect in true knowledge and Conduct
The Supreme Buddha is perfect in true knowledge and conduct.
What is True knowledge? The important knowledge that our great teacher acquired.

o The knowledge of seeing past lives of all beings.
o The knowledge of knowing the birth and passing away of all beings.
o The knowledge that one has destroyed all defilements of the mind.
o Supreme Buddha had supernatural powers and psychic powers,
o Supreme Buddha possessed a divine ear and divine eye and the ability to read others’ minds.

With excellent virtue, excellent concentration, excellent wisdom and excellent liberation the Gautama Supreme Buddha lived in accordance with the knowledge he possessed. He is the one and only teacher in the world who has this quality.

Sugatha: Sublime
Supreme Buddha followed the correct path: The Noble Eight Fold Path, and attained the Supreme bliss of Nirvana. (Ultimate liberation)

Lokavidu: Knower of All Worlds
“Knower of the world”, the Supreme Buddha understood the origins of all worlds, the cessation of all worlds and liberation from all worlds (Heavenly world, Human world, Animal world, Ghost world and hell world).

Anuttaro purisadhamma sarathi: Incomparable Leader of Persons to be Tamed
“Buddha is the incomparable Teacher of people to be tamed”
Our great teacher tamed beings to be tamed with limitless compassion, without the use of weapons, and cultivated Virtue, Concentration and Wisdom.

Satta Deva Manussanam: Teacher of Gods and Humans
The supreme Buddha is the only Teacher of all Gods and humans.

Buddha: Fully Enlightened Teacher
After realizing the Four Noble Truths without anyone’s help, the Supreme Buddha proclaimed the Dhamma to others. “Buddha” means: the one who teaches without holding anything back; with great compassion and with great loving kindness, so that others may also understand the Four Noble Truths and escape from all suffering.

Bhagava: The Blessed One
Our Great teacher, is the one and only teacher who is blessed enough to hold these qualities.

Supreme Buddha has gone above and beyond of all intellectuals and scientists, all philosophers existed, all rulers of the world and all type of gods. It is proven that His teachings has surpassed all type of Sciences. No teacher has yet declared that himself to be a Perfect One, Worthy One, and a fully Enlightened One; but the Gautama Supreme Buddha has!

Many were fortunate enough to find the eternal liberation and escape from all sorrow and lamentation. They were able to find the place of ultimate tranquility by becoming the followers of the Supreme Buddha.

Why do you need to procrastinate to take refuge in this Great Teacher?

May you always be Well and Happy!
The truth in a world of conceit;
A righteous life in a world of immorality;
Loving kindness in a world of hatred;
Wisdom in a world of delusion.

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